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Bella Sara Adventures Help

World Map

The World Map includes a map of Trails End. It also shows you where you are and where to find adventures. Click on the World Map button to view the map.

The You Are Here symbol shows you where you are now.

The Adventure Waiting symbol shows you where there are adventures to unlock. Move your mouse () over the symbol to see how many adventures are waiting for you.

Your Bag

Your Bag contains all the things you own—everything you buy, find, collect, make, or get as gifts. When you click on the Bag button, you’ll see all of your things.

The number in the corner shows how many of this item you have.

You can sort your things by type by clicking one of the tabs:
Click the Special Items tab to see Special Items you collected or were given during an adventure. Special Items cannot be sold.
Click the Seeds tab to see all your seeds you can plant.
Click the Objects tab to see all your other things.

Adventure Journal

Your Adventure Journal tells you everything you need to know about the adventures you’ve unlocked. Click on the Adventure Journal button to open it. The adventure’s location tells you where you need to go next, while its goal tells you what you need to do next. Learn more about your Adventure Journal in the Adventure Journal help section.

Tree of Magic

The Tree of Magic shows how much magic you’ve added to North of North. When you click on your Tree of Magic button to add more magic to the world, you’ll see a tree flourish.


Make sure you don’t lose all the hard work you’ve done. Save your game often! Click the Save button to save it.


When you’re done playing, click the Quit button to close Bella Sara Adventures. Your game will automatically be saved before closing.


To open this Help Guide anywhere in the game, click on the Help button.