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Bella Sara Adventures Help

Step 1. Weed your Garden

To grow plants, first remove all the weeds from your garden plot. To remove a weed, click on it. When the Trash symbol () appears, click on the symbol. Weeds grow in unplanted gardens. If you keep your garden full of plants, the weeds won’t come back.

Step 2. Plant Your Seeds

After you’ve removed the weeds from your garden plot, you can plant seeds there. To choose a seed, click on the Bag button () to open your Bag. (If you don’t have seeds in your Bag, read the help section “How to Get Seeds.”) You can then click on the Seeds tab () to see just your seeds. That will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Move your mouse () over a seed to get more information about it.

Once you’ve chosen a seed, click on it to take it out of your Bag. You’ll notice that the seed is now attached to your cursor (). Next, choose a place to plant your seed. As you move your mouse () around the screen, you’ll notice a red or green square following it. This square shows you where you can plant your seed, based on the plant’s size and other needs. If the square is red, you can’t plant the seed there. If the square is green, you’ve found a good place to plant your seed.

Step 3. Water your plants

Every plant needs water to grow. To water your newly planted seed, click on it. When the Water symbol () appears, click on the symbol. You can water a plant more than once. Bigger plants, like trees, will need more water than little plants, like flowers.

If plants go too long without water, they’ll start to wilt. But don’t worry: Your plants here will never die. Just water them again and they’ll be as good as new.

Step 4. Watch Them Grow

Now all you have to do is watch your plants grow! Once your beautiful plants are fully grown, you can leave them in your garden to keep Trails End beautiful. You can also put the flowers, fruits, and vegetables into your Bag.