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Premium Adventures & Secret Codes

What adventures will your secret codes unlock?

What are Premium Adventures?

Secret Codes found in select Bella Sara products unlock premium adventures, allowing you to expand your play in North of North.

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Bella's Ball Trading Cards

Bella is hosting the first official gathering of the horses in North of North and you are invited! Join the magical horses, characters and friends as they celebrate Emma’s arrival into North of North. They will gather for a captivating celebration that you can help prepare. Unlock all of the adventures and witness the midnight finale!

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Bella Sara Tales: The Adventure Begins

Narrated by Penny Inkwell, this short animated story unfolds the magic of the land of North of North, ending with the grandest event of the season. Unlock the included secret codes for an adventure into North of North and a free digital object.

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Bella Sara Miniatures 2 Collection

The second set of Bella Sara Miniatures highlights 20 new velvety horses with secret codes to unlock Bella Sara Adventures. Activate secret codes found with each velvety horse to unlock adventures that include horses from the series.

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Collectors Tins

The latest tins feature two beautiful designs from the Bella’s Ball series. This season’s tins include an assortment of trading cards, a collectable promo card and an extra Gold Bella Sara Ticket with a secret code that unlocks a chapter of Bella Sara Adventures. The fun continues both online and offline with never-ending game play and captivating stories.

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