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The beautiful horses of Bella Sara
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Bella Sara Miniatures Series 1 Collection introduces 20 velvety horses from the land of North of North for you to collect, trade, display, and cherish. Collect Bella, Fiona, Amor, Athena, and many more of your favorites!

Bella Sara Miniatures Series 1

Bella Sara Miniatures
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Amor Anemone Aphrodite Athena


If you hear the flutter of wings and feel a twinge of true love, then stately Amor is probably flying by. Amor believes love can change the world.


Anemone lives high in the sky, fluttering on butterfly wings among towering cumulus clouds. She glides on updrafts and lounges on floating islands with her friends, the whiffle bears.


Beautiful Aphrodite loves to gallop along the beach. She likes to explore and she understands the magic of discovery.


Great Athena is one of the wisest horses in North of North. She believes that all horses and all creatures are equal, and that everyone should be free and happy.

Bella Chumash Cindra Colour


Bella is the first and greatest horse in North of North. She is Sara’s horse and the leader of the herd. She brings joy and renewal.


Under the sea, Chumash glows in all the colors of the rainbow as he laughs and swims with the joyful dolphins.


Cindra shines brightly with moonglow that pulsates delicately as it falls. Tiny Cindra is only slightly bigger than her flapuppy friends. She is a miniature horse: small in stature yet bold and courageous.


Life is more vivid when you are conscious of the beauty of the world. Life is enjoyed with the senses and Colour paints her life with joy.

Fiona Inupait Kallista Misla


Fiona is Bella’s best friend. They love to run together across the wide open plains of North of North. Fiona encourages others to be the heroes in their own stories!


Inupiat’s majestic appearance symbolizes his message. You have the strength and spirit to rise to any challenge, like the hardy Inupiat tribe who survive despite living in a deadly environment.


Kallista maintains the beauty of her lagoon, planting beautiful plants, and moving rocks into just the right spot. Kallista loves to share the beauty of her lagoon and welcomes visitors.


Who loves to fly high in the sky? Misla does! Nobody looks quite like Misla, with her bright green coat and orange and red wings. Misla protects the weak and defenseless.

Nimiipuu Ondine Petri Phoenix


Unique among the Native Lights horses, Nimiipuu’s animal companion is himself. This wise appaloosa has learned much from sharing his thoughts.


Ondine lives in a freshwater glade. She can run across water as though it were dry land. She and her bubble turtle friends use magical bubbles to fly.


Dream mice send sweet dreams to anyone they share a pillow with. Petri is a leopard-spotted appaloosa, and has two dream mouse friends. Petri can tell them how she feels and they don’t judge.


Phoenix is gold and orange, part feather, part flower, part fire. Phoenix reminds us that reading and learning raises us from the ashes of boredom.

Potawatomi Santee Scotty Walter


Potawatomi’s message involves the positive effect of a positive attitude. Try to give others the gift of your good cheer.


Santee is bold and spirited. She loves to run and leap through forest meadows. Her squirrel friend is very curious, just like Santee.


Scotty’s magic is that he can always remember the way home. He can never be lost! Bearn Terrier, his magical friend, can smell colors and sounds.


Walter is sweet, calm, and honest. This gentle horse is happy in sunny meadows and quiet glens. When Walter likes someone, he lets them know… and he likes everyone!